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Beach Body Transformation Contest

2017 Beach Body Transformation Contest
Final Results


1. CBN3
2. PhyrePhly
3. Hiker
4. queen1
5. York
6. Deb
7. LisaQ
8. Bubcia
9. Maz
10. Maverick
11. Cocoa



1. CBN3
1. PhyrePhly
2. Bubcia
3. LisaQ
4. Hiker
5. York
6. Maverick
7. Mumma
8. queen1
9. K-wil


Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Beach Body Transformation Contest! This year the total CASH PRIZE was $300 for the 20 competitors in the contest!

This year the winner for the highest % body weight lost was…. CBN3 (Stephanie G.) She lost a total of 12.53% Body weight and 24lbs during the contest which is a new contest RECORD! Amazing job Stephanie you exceeded your goals!

This year there was a two way tie for the Most Fitness Points earned throughout the contest, these contestants went 100% this year and hit all points necessary throughout the contest! This means 7 days a week for 8 weeks they drank a minimum of 64oz of water, did a minimum of 10,000 steps, 30min of exercise and tracked their food everyday as well.. Amazing!! The winners for the Most Fitness Points are….. CBN3 (Stephanie G.) & PhyrePhly (Lori G.).

I also wanted to give everyone a shout out who finished the contest this year, you all did great and hopefully this contest helped motivate you to get that Beach Body you deserve!! Thank you to everyone who participated!

The next contest - Holiday Survivor - starts October 14th!